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Traditional social networks are full of random stuff and simply dont
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Shrick app Is Wheelchair skating community designed for Wheelchair skating fans by Wheelchair skating fans. You can share photos and video. Compete in leaderboards. Learn new things and discover new gear all that in one app. It's pure Wheelchair skating no irrelevant content is allowed.

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Synchronized Drop

Five-O is not in the tricklist yet ... But video speaks for itself! #wcmx #ohnegrenzen #whogivesme1000pointsnow

J's newest stunt ! #wcmx #neverstop #jeremysjourneywithcrs #wheelz #determination #nofear

New York City with #Hulk and #Ironman ;) #nyc

Training camp

Just a casual day

Z├╝rich! #wcmx

Rock to Fakie

Last preparations for tomorrow! #WCMX show and tryout at Hamburg City Hall the next two days!!!

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